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Horror: Explosions, Injuries at the Boston Marathon (Update: Boston Police Deny that Any 'Person of Interest' Is In Custody)

At about 3 pm local time, two explosions reportedly went off near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Dozens are reportedly injured, and I heard a man on Fox’s live feed say “Oh my God, they’re dead.” Two officials just said, in front of a live camera, that three have been killed. The situation continues to develop. Video fed from the scene shows scattered debris, shattered windows and blood on the sidewalk and street. No word on the cause of the explosions yet. People tweeting from the scene describe “unspeakable horror,” and limbs blown off.

Information often changes as facts become available during unfolding situations.

Update: ABC reports on Twitter that Boston police are advising people to stay away from trash cans. They suspect that the devices were planted in barrels or trash cans near the path of the race. The timing of the blasts suggests that the explosions were timed to hit when many of the runners would have been crossing the finish line.

Update: Video from the moment of the explosion.


New York City has gone on high alert and is posting anti-terrorism personnel at city landmarks.

Update: The Boston Globe is live-tweeting from the scene, here.

Update: Sports producer Steve Silva was near the finish line at Copley Square and witnessed the horror.

“I was there at the finish, shooting finish line scenes, and then bang, it just went off, and then less than 15 to 20 seconds after there was a second explosion, closer to Fairfield street,” Silva said.

“It was just immediately [evident] there were injuries, right in the middle of the spectator crowds. There was blood everywhere, there were victims being carried out on stretchers. I saw someone lose their leg, people are crying, people are confused.”

“It was just an explosion, it came out of nowhere. There are multiple injuries. I saw dismemberment, I saw blood everywhere. People are badly injured.”

Update: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer irresponsibly speculated that the bombing could be the work of “anti-tax” groups.

Update: The Globe’s John Tlumacki captured a photo of the fireball.

Update: All of Boston’s off-duty police have been called in for duty. The NY Post is reporting, unconfirmed, that 12 have died in today’s blasts. CNN and Fox say the police are telling them that two have been killed.


Update: New York Times columnist Nick Kristof tries to use the bombing to score partisan points.

Update: The AP reports:

Update: Boston authorities are holding a press conference. One official just reported that there was a third incident, an explosion at the JFK Library in Dorchester. They do not know if that incident is related to the marathon bombs, but they are treating them as if they are all related.

Update: The NY Post is reporting that authorities have identified a suspect, a Saudi national.

Update: Cell phone service in Boston has been shut down to prevent remote bomb detonations.

Update: Boston police deny that anyone is in custody in connection with today’s bombings.

Update: Boston police are now saying that the JFK Library event was a fire, probably not related to the marathon bombs.