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University Conference Will Detail Kidnappings Across the Texas-Mexico Border

This should be very interesting.

The UTPA Department of Criminal Justice is hosting their Social Justice & Peace Conference: Kidnappings on the U.S./Mexico Border and would like to extend an invitation to the UTPA and Rio Grande Valley community. We have experts from the field, as well as victims/survivors speaking out on their experiences.

We are featuring a documentary “Kidnappings: Expect the Unexpected,” which has been written, directed and produced by Carlos C. Campbell, an expert in the field.


Carlos Campbell will be present at the conference and will be accompanied by his associate Rich Roth. Both Campbell and Roth are currently working on a second documentary on border kidnappings. Rich Roth is Executive Director of Counter Technology, Inc: Better Security Thru Knowledge.



The conference will include testimony from victims of cross-border kidnappings. It’s set for April 23 at 9 am at the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburgh, TX — which is in Hidalgo County. Glancing at the program, I don’t see that anyone from the Department of Homeland Security will be on hand to tell those victims that the border is safer than ever before. We reported on one unsolved cross-border kidnapping and murder last year.

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