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Photo Caption Contest Winners: In A Store Window Near The Street Where We Live


Seriously folks, the entries to our latest caption contest were so creative that I was left wondering if our writers used bong water to brew their morning coffee.

But not everyone took kindly to our t-shirt in the window contest. For example, here is an email I received from a friend, “Kind of low blow I think…”

My defense is we just happened to take a walk, “near the street where we live.”  I could just close my eyes to my surroundings, but that would make me blind to the truth.  OK, enough philosophizing, here are the winners.

One of our “Caption Kings” who goes by the name of RockThisTown, and who has publically vowed to dethrone cfbleachers as Caption King of Kings, can now boast, “Mission accomplished,” at least for this contest.

RockThisTown submitted numerous winning entries but here is my favorite:

Sleeves & collar not included due to the sequester.

Here are more “official winners,” but all of RockThisTown’s entries were so clever that you will just have to “reefer” back to the contest post and read them all.

Breaking News: The U.S. is returning to the gold standard . . . Panama Gold, that is.

A new pope, the same dope, so no hope.

My President stuck me with a $16 trillion bill & all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

$16 trillion up in smoke.

The $900 million Obama sent to aid Gaza was a mistake – he thought it was to aid growing gonza.

Buzz guaranteed or your money redistributed.

Now, speaking of cfbleaachers, he was nipping at the heels of RockThisTown with these winning entries:

Harry Truman: “The buck stops here”   Barack Obama: “The bong stops here”

Elect a choomer, watch your country go up in smoke.

Running guns to drug cartels and throwing open the borders? Let’s roll!

They said Obama was not soft on illegal immigration. Just the other day he asked a border crasher …”You got any papers?”

Biden/Obama, the Cheats and Chong of Presidential politics.

Here are the rest of the best from some of our beloved Caption Kings:

“Reefer Madness”….now we know how Obama came up with his budget.

After over 4 years of bumper stickers, finally a logo printed out that spells it correctly. 

Both submitted by Scottch

“What I call voters who think I care about the economy.”

Free ObamaPhone with every purchase. Special election year bonus: buy two and get a dozen absentee ballots from the state of your choice.

Both submitted by LeighB

The White House Gift Shop unveils the new spring fashion. Submitted by Chris Henderson

I am the Dope we have been waiting for.  Submitted by Adi

Two contest newcomers won with these entries:

It’s my Economy Shirt. When everything goes to pot, the economy goes up in smoke.  Submitted by Zip Code

Michelle! Where’s my extra rolling papers? I have a meeting with the “Joint Chiefs”    Submitted by AFBlue

Bongs away everyone!  See you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest — perhaps after I take a walk in another part of town.