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Democrat Donna Brazile: So Just What Did Margaret Thatcher Do Anyway?

Donna Brazile is living proof it doesn’t take much knowledge of the world, history or really anything but grievance politics to rise far in today’s Democratic Party. In February the big time Democrat tweeted her shock and dismay that her health insurance premiums suddenly cost more despite the magic of ObamaCare. Today, she tweeted this in reaction to the news that former British PM Margaret Thatcher had passed away.

The Great Britain that Thatcher inherited in 1979 was not so great at all. The Labour Party had dominated since the end of World War II, and had nationalized just about everything in sight. Unions dominated the economy, and the nation was in a state of decline so severe that many of its leaders wondered if its demise was inevitable. At the same time, the Soviet Union was on the march. It dominate Europe, its proxies in southeast Asia had just handed the United States a defeat in Vietnam, and it had invaded Afghanistan. That same year, Iran rejected the West and turned Islamist, providing yet another threat. When Argentina’s military junta challenged Britain’s claim to the Falkland Islands (which are overwhelmingly British) in 1982, Thatcher proved that democracies could still defend themselves decisively, at the same time proving that elected women leaders could face down and defeat male foes in military action.

Thatcher came into power before Ronald Reagan’s election, and led Great Britain back to greatness. She did it on her own. She was married, but Mr. Thatcher was not the source of her power at all, as Bill Clinton is the ultimate source of Hillary Clinton’s power in the US. Thatcher remains the only woman to hold the British prime ministership, and is regarded as one of the greatest if not the greatest British leaders of the modern era.

In answer to Brazile, Thatcher helped discredit statism, socialism, leftist feminism, communism, the prevailing belief at the time that the West was in irreversible decline, and before its time, Obamaism.

Other than that, Baroness Thatcher didn’t really do very much at all.