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Jack Kelly: Democrats in Disarray

It doesn’t make the news like the Great GOP Civil War, but fissures are showing up amongst Democrats, too. Jack Kelly has the bullet points:

• Unions want the Keystone XL pipeline.

• Liberals exploded in outrage last week when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he wouldn’t schedule a vote on a bill to reinstate the “assault weapons” ban, forcing him to back down.

• Another fracture is between black parents in big cities, who desperately want their children to get a good education, and teacher unions, the chief reason why they don’t.

• The Congressional Budget Office has nearly doubled (to $1.6 trillion from $898 billion) its estimate of Obamacare’s cost over 10 years.


That last point is a curious one, because it’s hardly a real matter of contention amongst Democrats. Breaking the health insurance system — and then, by golly, using the resulting crisis to institute single payer — is a beloved feature of ObamaCare. If anything, that’s what will bring them back together.

In the end, the unions will get bought off of Keystone, and cheaply, too. They simply don’t have the clout they once enjoyed. Gun control will is off the table and will stay there, because Harry Reid doesn’t want to lose the Senate, and this is the issue which could make it happen. And until blacks give up Democrat identity politics and start voting for some Republicans, they’ll never get what they want on education.

So going forward, as they like to say, the Democrats are looking pretty solid. Nothing is going to change that until the GOP steps up and starts winning some contested elections.


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