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Report from the Front: Gun Control Kookiness

Jim Carrey and Michael Moore don’t appear to have anything in common. But both celebrities made the news today at Drudge for some outrageous statements and actions on their opponents in the gun control debate.

Jim Carrey, not a noted songwriter, penned a particularly nasty ballad about Second Amendment supporters, and tweeted its release:

‘Cold Dead Hand’ is abt u heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.Sorry if you’re offended by the word safety! ;^}

Twitchy details a few of Carrey’s  memorable remarks about his political opponents:

Carrey wasn’t content to let his hate shine in tweets alone, so now he’s putting it to song. Remember, he recently said that the lives are assault rifle owners “aren’t worth protecting,” and that gun violence is totally karma, bitter clingers.

The star of Dumb and Dumber (and the sequel Dumb and Dumberer) is actually all of the above.

Not to be outdone, Michael Moore opined on MSNBC that 90% of guns are owned by white people because (wait for it)…they’re scared of people of color:

“Did you realize that over 90% of the guns in this country are owned by white people in the suburbs and in rural areas? Ninety-percent of our guns are not owned by African-Americans, hispanics, minority groups, they’re owned by white people. Now are these white people so afraid of out in the suburbs? Are they thinking little red head, freckle-faced Jimmy down the street is going to, you know, kill them? Mug them? I don’t think so. Are they afraid the guy next door is gonna break in and steal their t.v.? No, because they know the guy next door makes $50-60,000 a year. So poverty and racism the answer is pretty much the same answer for a lot of our other problems. Jobs…”

Mr. Moore’s aversion to logic and coherence is nothing new. Neither is trying to connect racism to gun ownership — something the president himself implied in his “bitter clinger” speech. But it takes an especially disordered mind to try and connect gun ownership, racism, and jobs.

Moore hit the trifecta of idiocy.

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