NRA Chief: 'Have They Lost Their Minds Over at the White House?'

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre vowed to the CPAC crowd “we will not be demonized and we will not be silenced” as gun-control proponents move forward on Capitol Hill.


“The liberal media can keep hating on me but I’m still standing unapologetic and unlflinching of our freedom,” he said. “America’s 100 million gun owners will not back down, ever — I can promise you that.”

LaPierre said despite opponents wagging “a finger condemning the NRA, no one has spent more millions over more decades to keep Americans safe.”

While gun ownership is at an all-time high in the U.S., he said, his organization has “brought accidents in this country down to an all-time low.”

The speech included clips of the Department of Homeland Security’s video on workplace violence showing a worker grabbing scissors out of a drawer for defense. LaPierre tied that to criticism he’s received for calling for armed school security in the wake of the Newtown shooting.

“Scissors! That’s their answer to protect our children?” he said. “And they say we’re crazy?”

LaPierre slammed universal background check proposals, even on private sales and family transfers, as something that will only serve as “registration of lawful American gun owners.”


“It’s the real goal they’ve been searching for for decades,” he said. “Monsters at Tucson, Aurora and Newtown will never be in the system and those killers really are crazy.”

The NRA chief also mocked Vice President Joe Biden’s advice to use two shotgun blasts to ward off an intruder. “Have they lost their minds over at the White House?” he said. “No doubt violent predators would love to face a woman with a shotgun that’s empty.”

“You keep your advice, we’ll keep our guns,” LaPierre continued. “They call me crazy and yet the people doing the finger-pointing are saying things that are absolutely bizarre.”

“For God’s sake, leave the rest of us alone!”


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