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Twisted Knickers Alert: Dana Milbank Is Outraged That GOP Isn't Buying MSM Sequester Horror Stories

Tissue, please

A meat cleaver hangs over the federal government, but the unflappable men and women of the House majority remain cool and poised.

With just four days left to stop automatic spending cuts from affecting everything from air travel to food inspections, House Republicans had but one item on their agenda Monday: renaming a NASA facility in California.

Planes will fall out of the sky and no one will be able to tell you if you’re eating horse meat. Milbank and the rest of his litter of Obama lapdogs have gotten so used to Boehner caving at the last minute that they seem genuinely worried that they may finally be unsuccessful in scaring him into doing it this time.

If that actually comes to pass, I may celebrate with a horse burger. No fries, though, I’m training for a race.