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The Left's Overreach on Guns Has Been Very Good for the NRA

Go to any gun retailer and you’re likely to see empty shelves where guns once sat on display. Nearby, you’re likely to see lots of shotgun ammo but very little, if any, 9 mm, 22LR, .223 or many other mainstream ammunition. The left’s gun grab hysteria is creating a huge boom in gun and ammo sales, and scarcity as manufacturers race to try to keep up with demand.

Manufacturers aren’t the only ones seeing a boom in business. The National Rifle Association just had its best fundraising month in half a year.

The National Rifle Association’s political action committee raised $1.1 million in January, according to the committee’s latest filing with the Federal Election Commission.

It’s the NRA’s best fundraising month since August 2012 — and reflects growing concern on the part of gun supporters that Congress and President Barack Obama are prepared to take steps to curb or limit access to firearms.

During 2011 and 2012, the committee raised, on average about $600,000 a month — for a two-year total of $14.3 million. The committee has nearly doubled their 2011-12 fundraising pace in a month full of vows from Obama and congressional Democrats to pass new gun control measures.

The NRA isn’t sitting on their cash. They have made a pair of direct donations to two Republicans, and they’re gearing up for a wider campaign. We reported Wednesday that they’re starting to run print ads in local papers and USA Today to reach voters in 15 states, where there are vulnerable Democrats who are up for vote in the 2014 mid-terms.

The NRA reports $2.4 million cash on hand, which sounds like a lot, but really isn’t. Big Labor can be expected to dwarf that going into the mid-terms. Union membership remains down, but rump labor is holding on and preparing to fight using skimmed taxpayer dollars. President Obama’s call for even more “infrastructure” spending will surely pour millions more into Big Labor’s coffers, which in turn will show up in Democrat Party coffers. Obama aims to consolidate his power in the mid-terms to gain a free hand for his last two years in office.