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Reset: Russian Foreign Minister Dodges US SecState Kerry for a Week

Hillary Clinton’s “reset” still needs a reset. Over the weekend, Russian nuclear bombers buzzed Guam. That Pacific island is US territory and home to a pair of strategically important bases, Andersen AFB and US Naval Base Guam.

Today, the world learns that Russia’s foreign minister didn’t even bother to take newly minted Secretary of State John Kerry’s phone call for a solid week.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry finally reached Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrovby phone over the weekend, after almost a week of trying to contact his Russian counterpart.

The State Department had complained last week that Kerry was unable to get in touch with Lavrov to discuss North Korea’s recent nuclear test, although the Foreign Ministry said Lavrov was traveling around Africa and couldn’t make contact.

The Kremlin doesn’t own satellite phones?

Buzzing Guam was an act of testing and aggression; ignoring the new top diplomat was a snub. But Hillary Clinton was such a massive success and Barack Obama has restored respect for America around the world, right?