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Photo Caption Contest Winner: ‘This is not a movie’

As predicted, I was correct when assuming that Tatler fans would write a better caption than the Drudge Report for the photo that was the subject of our latest and extremely successful Photo Caption Contest. However, I could not have predicted the huge number of captions that exceeded my expectations!

So to celebrate all your creative energy there are three different categories of winners.

The first category is Politically Themed Captions and here are the winners:

Just imagine what I could do if I wasn’t on vacation most of the time. B. Obama.   Submitted by weo

A picture of Barack Obama descending to Earth from Mount Olympus.  Submitted by David W

After four years of the Obama economy, the US is no longer able to afford to keep the heavens in repair. Submitted by rbj

Obama: “If I was a planet and had a sun, this is what it would look like.”  from RockThisTown (a Caption King)

Meteor strikes Russia – Obama adds the country as a stop on his next apology tour and blames Bush. Submitted by Scottch

And this one submitted by Chris Henderson was not exactly a caption, but a winner anyway:

Let’s see: – Smokes – Very dense – Gives off a lot of hot air – Flashy outside, but not much inside – Leads to the destruction of the local economy — But enough about Obama, a meteorite hit Russia.

Our next category is Just Plain Humor and the winners are:

“Somebody get Bruce Willis on the phone!”    Submitted by Alyric

Actual CNN headline: Too much Global Warming in Russia attracts asteroids. Submitted by Adi (a Caption King)

(Adi really was quoting CNN but only added Russia to the headline.)

From that wild and crazy Henderson family (Don the father and Chris the son, both Caption Kings) we have these four winning entries:

Of course it’s a movie. It’s Skyfall!   Chris Henderson

I’m from [CRATERS R US,] Is this where I break ground?

I just love crashing a Communist party, Molotov cocktail anybody?

To Russia, with love from the Cosmos.  All from Don Henderson

Finally, we have the grand winner’s circle of Heavenly Themed Captions. These submissions deserve extra credit because they actually answer the contest question, “So what is the meaning of it all?”

God is not taking the Pope’s retirement easily. Submitted by rbj

Scottch, already an earlier winner, submitted the greatest number of winning Heavenly captions, so Scottch is our Grand Prize Winner with these fabulous entries:

God is apparently NOT amused.

Lightning striking the Vatican, meteorite hitting Russia, another hitting Cuba………Just my way of saying “Can you hear me now? ” ……God

In other late breaking news, for some reason lots of Russians have suddenly gotten religion!

That whole Book of Revelations thing …….no, I wasn’t kidding.

Congrats to Scottch, our new reigning “Caption King.”

But woe to us if we ignore our first and last Caption King of Kings, cfbleachers who submitted the following winners:

You say you want a Revelation, well you know…

Lent. Fast AND Furious.

Lucifer’s Lightnings and Michelangelo’s Meteors take the field for the final game of this World’s Series.

Apparently, Heaven Can’t Wait.

You know, that crazy guy on the street corner may finally be right.

(Yes, that may be true and perhaps the answer to our contest question.)

Thanks for playing along and we will see you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest!