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New Photo Caption Contest: Watch Out America!


Last weekend my husband noticed this watch in a Hollywood, Florida hotel lobby store.

Upon seeing it he said, “Have you ever wanted to buy a watch just to smash it?”

I had stepped away so I had no idea what he was talking about until he showed me the Obama watch in the display case of the closed store.

Immediately I exclaimed, “Photo Caption Contest!” and whipped out my smart phone. It was then he said, “You know how I hate to encourage you.”  (As I have previously mentioned, my husband is paranoid, for no real reason, of a future letter from that ever popular government agency and the prospect of his wife being carted off to re-education camp because of this contest series and other PJM writings.)

So now that you know the family background, let us begin our newest contest BUT, and I mean BUT, please try to control yourselves because I know what you are thinking when you look at this watch.

Try to abide by our rules of, “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.”  The winners of our last contest did so, but I realize that photo was of a natural occurrence and this photo is of a man-made artifact for sale in a nation watching itself go broke.

Too bad the store was closed because I had all sorts of questions:

What was the price?  How long had the watch been sitting in the display case? Did it work properly? Was it a media creation? Was the watch made in China? Could I borrow money from China to buy it? Could I print money to buy it?

Have fun kids, and watch it!