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They Gave a 'Climate Change' Demonstration and Nobody Came

Well, not nobody, but pretty close. According to The Hill:

Environmental groups gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Sunday and marched on the White House for a climate change rally largely aimed at pressuring President Obama to reject the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.

Organizers said 35,000 activists attended the rally, where speakers portrayed the battle over the pipeline as a struggle between grassroots green groups and deep-pocketed special interests.

35,000? That’s a pathetic number in a country of 313,914,040, according to the most recent U. S. Census. And that’s the number being bandied about by the organizers. We all know they usually exaggerate. The reality is probably closer to 10,000, but who cares? It’s negligible either way.

If this is supposed to be a rallying moment against the Keystone pipeline, it’s hardly impressive. As one who used to consider himself an environmentalist, I think the Green movement is getting increasingly reactionary and anti-science. Ironically, Exxon is more likely to make real progress for cleaner energy than all the Green groups combined and squared. The Greens are now no more than stalking horses for socialism (Van Jones!) and, when it comes to scientific innovation, socialism is bad news (Lysenko!).