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Murderous Rampage on American Sidewalk

A murderer went on a rampage on an American sidewalk this week killing multiple victims. You might not have heard too much about this tragedy for a couple of reasons. First, it was in Guam, which is nevertheless American soil where the American flag flies. The second reason you might not have heard too much about it was because of the weapons the mass murderer used – a car and a knife.

From the Pacific News Center:

Guam Police Spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia says that the incident began around 10:20 pm when a man, driving a blue 2007 Toyota Yaris, drove up onto the side-walk in front of the “Globe” nightclub and continued down the sidewalk, knocking people aside, until he drove his vehicle into the ABC Store in front of Hard Rock Cafe and Outrigger Hotel.

At that point, witnesses say the man leapt out of his vehicle, armed with a knife, and began randomly stabbing people.

Three victims have died, including a 29 year old mother shielding her baby. This terrible story illustrates that murderous evil comes in many forms. Sometimes guns are the weapons of choice. Sometimes a Toyota Yaris and a knife are. The perpetrator was then attacked by bystanders. Hence this mugshot:

Chad DeSoto was charged with multiple felony counts, including three for murder. You can see video of the aftermath and capture here at the Pacific Daily News.