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Every 'Negative' In Coordinated MSM Attack On Ted Cruz Makes Me Like Him Even More

On consecutive days, articles whining about Sen. Ted Cruz have appeared at Politico, WaPo and The New York Times.

Coordinated attack? Isn’t everything they do?

For those of us weary of the somnambulating parade of GOP Treebeards who are never in a hurry to get anything accomplished, this means he must be doing something right.

Back to the coordination. It’s standard operating procedure for the MSM to work from the same list of talking points to attack any Republican who threatens them. It’s pathetic and transparent, yet they’re far too mentally deficient in the Mother of all Echo Chambers to understand that. Other than the arrangement of the paragraphs and the bylines, these three pieces are, for all intents and purposes, the same article.

Here are excerpts from each.

The New York Times:

A fascinating illustration, too. On the surface, he should be part of the solution: young, Latino, with a hardscrabble family story including his father’s imprisonment in Cuba and escape to the United States. But Republicans who look to him and see any kind of savior overlook much of what drags the party down, which isn’t merely or even principally the genealogy of their candidates. It’s the intransigent social conservatism, the whiff of meanness and the showy eruptions. It’s what Cruz, who rode a wave of Tea Party ardor to victory in Texas in November, distills.

Frank Bruni must have missed his marching orders for the “Conservatives will kill the GOP” concern trolling that was all the rage as recently as yesterday so he dovetails the two memes here.


The traditional stance for a freshman senator is to hold back a bit. Being reticent and deferential are not qualities that come naturally to those who manage to win Senate seats, but most new senators choose, as much as it clashes with their instincts, to tamp down.

Not Cruz.

Oooooh, he’s uppity. “That “traditional stance” is also part of the neutering process for new senators, which has turned the once august body into a chamber of harumphing photo-op junkies who aren’t much fond of real work. Cruz has a pair and obviously prefers to keep them.

Finally, Politico.

And the Texas tea partier was quick to annoy one of the most powerful Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer, after he engaged in a combative line of questioning with the New Yorker on a recent Sunday talk show, even though senators from opposing parties are typically far more collegial in those settings.

OMG, CHUCK SCHUMER WAS ANNOYED?!?!? He’s usually such a teddy bear.

What really rankles the MSM and entrenched senators is that Cruz is committing that most heinous of modern American political crimes: he’s behaving as the people who elected him expect him to, without regard for the admission requirements into either the “Media Favored Republican” or “Senate Good Old Boy” clubs.

Yeah, he’s kind of freaking them out.