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Reuters Notices That Team Lightbringer Is A Drama Queen On Budget Cuts

Ya think?

Hundreds of thousands of people made homeless, long waits at airports and criminals going unpunished.

Those were among the dire warnings from the Obama administration on Thursday of the consequences of automatic public spending cuts that are due to kick in next month.

While the measures do indeed threaten jobs and the economic recovery, experts say government agencies are overplaying the effect of the $85 billion “sequestration” cuts to jolt lawmakers into halting them.

These rare occasions when the MSM gets around to reporting things like this are always amusing since they are the primary agents of the Obama administration’s crisis manufacturing. 99% of the time they are dutifully parroting key words and phrases often first heard from the White House. It makes one wonder what causes these rare moments of lucidity and whether any jobs were lost for letting a snippet of truth out in public like that.