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SOTU: When the President Delivers Sound Bites, 140-Character Responses Come Easy

Less Government President @SetonMotley (God bless Twitter):

On whether to watch the State of the Union:

#SOTU or hockey? Only one is guaranteed to have a lot of bad goals.

On anticipating the #SOTU content:

#SOTU = Illegal Executive Order announcement list. #Fiats

On the President’s assertion the #SOTU would be debt-free:

He’ll propose tax increases MT @amandacarpenter: Obama says his plans won’t increase the deficit “one dime.”

Tax deform RT @amandacarpenter: Repeat after me: Tax increases are not tax reform.

@BarackObama is the Oliver Twist of tax increases.

@BarackObama said #sotu wldnt raise debt. And #ObamaCare would lower costs. And he would 1/2 the #deficit in his first term. And….

On the President hailing the economic “recovery”:

Didn’t the #economy just contract?

On the minimum wage hike:

If you have to wait for the gov to force your employer to give you a raise, you’re doing it wrong.

Minimum wage hikes = killed jobs.

Want to know why gigs go overseas? Not fictional tax breaks. High taxes, and regs like a $9/hr #minimumwage.

On the President’s alleged debt reductions:

Not cuts. Promised future reductions in increases.

Net debt? +$5 trillion on @BarackObama’s watch.

2008 fed budget: $2.7 trillion. 2012: $3.73 trillion. #YesWeCan cut spending.

On his assertion that government spending cuts hurt the economy:

Gov borrowing less means job creators can borrow more. That’s how spending cuts create growth.

On ObamaCare reducing health insurance costs:

#ObamaCare is actually skyrocketing #healthcare costs.

On “lurching from crisis to crisis”:

How about passing a budget? Isn’t that perpetual “crisis?”

We haven’t yet recovered from the #Stimulus crisis.

Democrat slogan: Any storm is a port. #DontLetACrisisGotoWaste

On more (non-)green (non-)energy government spending:

#ClimateChange? #ClimateGate.

Translation: We will spend more real money on fake energy. #GreenEnergy #solyndra

Dept of Energy “jobs” = #Solyndra green “energy” nightmare messes. #CronySocialism

Solar energy is ridiculously expensive, and poisonous to the environment. #Win

Gov R&D stinks on ice. #solyndra Let the private sector do R&D instead.

On government money for roads and transportation:

Translation: #Bailout cities that have elected Democrats for decades.

High speed rail – nowhere to nowhere for billions of dollars.

Why should Topeka be taxed to build a road in Minot?

On Cyber Security and the Internet:

Bc it’s an opportunity for a huge power grab RT @DanIsett: Cybersecurity is pretty wonky stuff… surprised to hear it during #SOTU

I pledge #transparency the day before I issue an illegal #CyberSecurity #ExecutiveOrder.

#CyberSecurity – anyone notice that it’s the gov that is constantly being broken into? The private sector handles it mostly just fine

#CyberSecurity who would you rather have handling it? Comcast and Verizon – or the fed gov? #Outsource

Gov #Internet = #Amtrak #USPS

On voting:

Best vote system improvement? #PhotoID

On the First and Second Amendments:

What will the fed gov do w/ #BackgroundCheck info after you pass? #2ndamendment

If only her teacher had been armed, she would likely still be with us. #Newtown #2ndAmendment

They deserve to be able to defend themselves #2ndAmendment RT @owillis: They deserve a vote.

Bc we still like the #Constitution MT @markos: Why are Republicans so afraid to cast a “no” vote on sensible gun regulations?

We deserve our #2ndAmendment rights.

Doesn’t a #budget deserve a vote?

So we have to provide abortion pills – but not a photo ID when we vote?

Except for Christians and Catholics here. #ObamaCare

On immigration:

#BordersFirst – then get back to me on “comprehensive.”

#MeansTest all applicants for amnesty/citizenship/visas/green cards. If they’ll be on a gov program, they don’t get in.

On education:

#HeadStart has cost tens of billions of dollars – and done NOTHING to improve scores.

Studies show that #HeadStart preschool does NOTHING for kids. Obama Admin study says so.

More yrs of perpetually, titanically failed gov schools.

College prices skyrocket higher the more gov $ is available. To get an 18th Century Lesbian Poetry degree.

On things international:

More words about international security – when actions are required. #Benghazi

Egypt? Syria? Libya? Al Q seems to be doing fairly well.

In conclusion:

Impunity, actually #sotu RT @SeeTac7: Obama supporters think his message was about unity.

We aren’t citizens, we are subjects.