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REPORT: ObamaCare Coverage Won't Actually Cover

Betsy McCaughey has an absolutely scathing column on ObamaCare’s many failures and shortcomings, many of which you probably already know. But she saves the real kicker for the end:

All in all, at least 40 million people could be uninsured in 2016, only 9 million fewer than before the law was passed.

A trillion dollars over ten years, usurping the doctor’s role in determining care, jacking up insurance rates to ruinous levels, bankrupting the 57 states, rationing, death panels, and all the rest — in order to solve the 30 billion dollar problem of 49 million uninsured. And of those, 40 million still might not get covered?

It all makes sense when you remember that ObamaCare was never about providing coverage. It was about assuming control.

And, man, did they ever.