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Obama Activist and Poll Worker on Camera: "I Voted Twice for Obama"

The video above must be seen.  In fact, poll worker and Obama activist Meloweese Richardson voted more than twice, and she admits as much on camera.  She also says that she voted for Obama and registered “thousands” of voters for him.  The Hamilton County (OH) board of elections has issued 28 subpoenas involving double voting and general voter fraud in the 2012 Presidential election.  Richardson admits to voting for herself, her daughter and other family members.  She is also a poll official in her Ohio neighborhood.

These are not just violations of Ohio law, these are federal felonies enforced by the United States Department of Justice.  Where is U.S. Attorney Carter Stewart?  Has he sent FBI agents yet to Meloweese Richardson’s house to get a statement?  42 U.S.C. § 1973i(e) makes it a felony punishable by a fine of $10,000 or five years in prison for anyone to vote twice in a federal election.   Richardson admits on camera she violated this law, multiple times – all for President Obama.  Will her political loyalty mean that Carter Stewart doesn’t send the FBI so quickly, and waits until the state proceedings play out? 

It shouldn’t.  The vote fraud deniers and enablers are corrupting the sanctity of American elections.  Academics like Justin Levitt at Loyola School of Law have ridiculed those of us who care about voter fraud, saying it is as rare as Sasquatch.

Well Sasquatch is roaming around Ohio.  This is the same sort of behavior which occurred in Noxubee County Mississippi in the case of United States v. Ike Brown  that I discuss in detail in my book Injustice – double voting, poll worker collusion, absentee fraud, false voting at the polls. Her double voting sounds like Carrie Kate Windham’s behavior in Mississippi. Windham was a Democrat Party official that cast votes illegally for other people.  In that case, many in the Justice Department didn’t want to do anything about it either.  They were willing to give Brown a pass because of who he was and who the victims were.  Meanwhile, the sanctity of our elections corrode.

It seems to keep on going, and a whole bunch of “experts” on elections write books and blogs minimizing the criminal behavior. Could it be because they and Richardson are allied politically? Whatever the reason, the vote fraud deniers do a disservice to the Rule of Law they profess to support.  We’ll see how seriously Eric Holder deals with admitted voter fraud by an Obama activist.  Will she be charged in federal court?  Will Meloweese Richardson even be interviewed by the FBI?  Stay tuned.