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Obama on Drone Strikes: Mind Your Own Business

I wish I were kidding, but that’s the message from White House flak Jay Carney:

The President takes these issues very seriously, and he believes that the conversation about this is valid and that the questions about it are legitimate. And that’s why he has been leading this process internally to — as has John Brennan, by the way — to provide public information as much as possible, mindful of the fact that we are talking about here very sensitive matters, and that these kinds of things — they’re classification — information is classified for very legitimate reasons that go right to our national security interest.

But within that, there is an effort underway to provide Congress information — those who have oversight over these matters — classified information as well as unclassified with the white paper and the public information as much as possible.

The White House will give classified information to privileged members of Congress, but that’s it.

So don’t get your nose out of whack, just because a drone whacks some 16-year-old American. Your betters know better — that’s why you elected them.