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Think Progress Turns Throwaway Line Into 'FNC's Latest Sexist Attack On Hillary Clinton'

Outrage troll is outraged.

Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy took a shot at outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday morning, speculating that she underwent a face lift in the last two weeks. In a quick headline roundup, Doocy quipped that Clinton’s new website featured her “glamorous new face,” while Fox showed a side-by-side comparison of her website photo and a photo from Clinton’s exasperated testimony at the Senate’s hearing on the Benghazi attacks.

“Is this the face of presidential ambition? Days after retiring as Secretary of State, somebody has launched a website for her, showing off this glamorous new face. Face lift, perhaps? Well, that’s fueling rumors about a run for president in 2016, but her aides say it’s simply a way for fans and the media to reach her.”

Think Progress stalks Fox News in a way that’s only slightly less Fatal Attraction that what Media Matters For America does so it is obligated to find something to be insulted by every day. If speculating about a face lift is a sexist attack, these poor dears would suffer a constant case of the vapors during virtually any lunchtime conversation in Los Angeles.