Armed Guard Stops School Shooter

Two teenagers’ conflict turned into a shooting yesterday afternoon, resulting in one teen being wounded. Before the shooting became more catastrophic, an off-duty resource officer was able to disarm the shooter.


When NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said that we should protect our children with armed security, he was scoffed at. But here’s the truth: An armed guard stopped a school shooting before anybody got killed.

Instead, scoffers said the only solution is more gun control.

This was a middle school, and the shooter was fourteen years old. The ATF lists federal gun laws surrounding the possession of a handgun by minors, including this gem:

Federal law prohibits, except in certain limited circumstances, anyone under 18  years of age from knowingly possessing a handgun, or any person from selling, delivering, or otherwise transferring a handgun to a person under 18.

The “teen” violated U.S. Code Title 18, Section 922 and the Gun-Free Schools Act. It’s already illegal to bring a gun into a school. It was already illegal for him to possess a handgun. (Assuming he hid the gun to get it into the school, it must be a handgun, especially since media isn’t talking about the gun, though CNN described the shooter “pulling out a gun.”)

He also circumvented the school’s metal detectors. So here’s an example of somebody who had no problem breaking federal gun control laws and local regulations to attempt murder.

Yeah, more gun control would do the trick.


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