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Shameless Hacks: Huffington Post Depicts Israeli Strike on Convoy as Attack on Civilians

The Tatler and others have been reporting today on the Israeli air strike on a convoy on the Syrian-Lebanese border. It’s unclear at this point whether the convoy was carrying surface-t0-air missiles or chemical weapons. Either way, the target was clearly military in nature. Its contents could have played a role in a serious escalation of the turmoil in the Middle East.

The Huffington Post has also been reporting on the story, mainly relying on Reuters coverage. The Reuters story that the HuffPo links is a straightforward account indicating the military nature of the target. But HuffPo’s editors chose to run this photo with the story.

Huff-Watch has more. The Huffington Post’s photo choice is a shameless and deliberate attempt to portray the justified military strike as an attack on civilians going about their day.