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Farrakhan: Second Amendment is 'Outdated'

The racial separatist minister who believes he has been taken aboard an alien spaceship preached Sunday that the right to bear arms is no longer relevant.

On Sunday, Farrakhan continued “The Time and What Must Be Done” sermon series by stating that Americans are increasingly angry at the government, and are simultaneously preparing themselves for war. Farrakhan went on to say that the Second Amendment has little relevance in modern society, stating that the constitutional right to bear arms is outdated.

“See, the right to bear arms was given at a time when there was no regulated militia to protect America,” he said. “But now you have police well-armed, you have state troopers well-armed, you have the National Guard and you have federal troops.”

Farrakhan leads the separatist, anti-Semitic Nation of Islam. The NoI heavily recruits in America’s jail cells, and has put its converts on Chicago’s streets to “patrol” in reaction to the city’s rampant gang violence and murder spree. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has blessed the Nation of Islam’s street patrols. The city is on pace to record more than 700 murders this year.

Farrakhan continued.

Farrakhan said that one reason Americans are buying weapons is their anger at the government.

“Look at the American peoples’ thoughts about Congress. What is the percentage of the American people that feel that the U.S. Congress is doing a good job? Eleven percent,” said Farrakhan. “Then 89 percent of the American people are angry, disaffected, dissatisfied with their government — and you’re selling them weapons of war and the militias are multiplying.”

Farrakhan made a ripple two weeks ago for predicting that God would “execute” America.