Gohmert: Give the F-16s in 'Insane' Morsi Deal to Israel Instead

A conservative from Texas likened the Obama administration’s decision to provide Mohammed Morsi’s government with 16 fighter jets and 200 tanks to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s famous remark at yesterday Senate Benghazi hearing.


Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) told Fox News that members found out about the “outrageous” grant from the news.

“It’s consistent with what we’ve found out is actually this administration’s foreign policy. The foreign policy is, what difference does it make? Hey, what difference does it make if we give our — our sworn enemies, people who want to wipe Israel and us off the map, so we give them the method to wipe them out? What’s the — what’s the big deal?” Gohmert said.

“This administration throws our allies under the bus. They’ve done it with the Northern Alliance that fought the Taliban in Afghanistan. They did it with Poland. We had a deal with them for defensive weapons. They’ve done it repeatedly,” he continued. “And, as a West African told me when I was over there a couple of years ago, he said, ‘We were so excited when you elected a black president. But please, tell people in Washington stop getting weaker. The world sees you getting weaker. Don’t do that. You put us in jeopardy.'”

“We’re putting ourselves in jeopardy when we’re sending jets and tanks to a man who — a leader whose only two enemies, he’s said in the past, are Israel and the United States.”


Gohmert said the deal is especially “insane” because of the imbalance it feeds in the Middle East.

“The jets would help our Middle East security if we gave them to friends. The friends are called Israel. This is going to help give Egypt an edge over Israel. They’ll have more F-16s than Israel, as I understand it. This is insane,” the congressman said.

“I would say it’s lunacy, that we’re about a bunch of lunatics, but we voted 399-to-1 in December not to use word ‘lunatic’ anymore. I was the one dissenting vote, as you may recall.”

That bill was the 21st Century Language Act of 2012, which removed the word “lunatic” from federal law. Gohmert argued that D.C. is full of them.


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