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Worth It Just For The Headline: 'Barack Obama Is Boring'


I was not going to comment on President Obama’s second inaugural address until I saw a headline quoting a line from the speech: “We are made for this moment.”

Really? “This moment”—again?

“This moment” was in Obama’s big speech in Berlin as a candidate, when he declared to the “people of the world” that “this is our moment. This is our time.” For what, was never clear and still isn’t. “This moment” was also in his acceptance speech in 2008 and it was probably in his last inaugural. Let’s just say that we’ve heard it before.

I said recently that politics is going to be boring for a little while, but in his second term, Barack Obama is going to be really super boring.

The rest of his speech suffered from the same insufferable sameness. Paths will be long and difficult, “some” may be recalcitrant naysayers, but it will be our generation’s task to carry on, etc., etc., etc.

Tracinski is a finance writer so he really doesn’t qualify as “mainstream media” but this post is being featured on RCP. It’s just quite a contrast to all of the fawning we usually see about an Obama speech. A barely passable teleprompter reader, and an absolutely abysmal extemporaneous speaker, Obama is nonetheless constantly portrayed by the lapdog media as a gifted orator. ABC was barely into its post speech coverage yesterday before one of its hacks proclaimed, “I felt as if I was listening to a Democratic Ronald Reagan.”

The Reagan comparisons are, of course, perfunctory at this point for any of MSMers who wish to retain a good spot at the president’s feet.