[VIDEO] Media Notices that Barack Obama is 'Unapologetically Liberal'

Now, they tell us.

Basically, Barack Obama has been doing a Beyonce for about six years now, lip-synching as a moderate when he has to, to hide his hard left liberalism. Had Barack Obama delivered the speech he gave yesterday, during his first run in 2007 or 2008, he probably would not have even won the Democratic primary. Really — he put gay rights and “climate change” ahead of the economy and national security. Those are not most Americans’ priority issues. They certainly weren’t four years ago.


The media never vetted him, either time. Some of them admitted that they really didn’t know who Obama is or who his influences are. Yet they cheerleaded for him then and will continue to do so. All we can do at this point is rant, and fight him at every single turn.

All of that, we know and have known. What really makes me angry is the moderate Republican, go along, No Labels crowd who still have not figured Obama out yet. The evidence has been there long before his second inaugural address. But they refused to fight him on the facts four years ago, and refuse to fight him on the facts now. What will it take to wake some people up?


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