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[VIDEO] How Abortionists Market to the Young and Vulnerable

Carol Everett owned and operated several abortion clinics in the Dallas area until a local TV station produced a shocking expose on those clinics. Abortion clinics were revealed to be far from the havens for safe medical procedures that they presented themselves to be. One of Everett’s clinics was responsible for the death of a pregnant woman.

During her six years in the abortion industry, Everett says that she marketed and sold a product — abortions. She hoped that it would make her a millionaire. In this video, Everett describes how the abortion industry actively tries to promote actions that lead to abortions, dividing children from their parents in the process. Reducing unintended pregnancies is not on the abortion industry’s agenda, to say the least. That would be bad for business.

Barack Obama believes that the abortion industry is a positive good in America. It has killed 54 million Americans.

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