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Not All MSMers Thrilled With Lightbringer Round II

Sure, we have to cross an ocean to find him, but it’s still refreshing.

It was like watching the woman you love marrying the wrong man.

Obama’s second inaugural was far from the unifying speech that we were promised but instead a declaration of (continued) war on the conservative movement and a rallying cry for liberals. Does the President not realise that he won the 2012 election and doesn’t have to carry on campaigning? Or did someone load up an old draft of his convention speech in to the autocue by mistake? “O, what the heck. I’ll read it anyway…”

Well, it’s a sobering but true assessment too. While not as petty as the 2009 speech, this one did telegraph some Executive Order madness to come.

Buckle up, kids, it’s gonna get bumpy.