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CBS News Joins Obama's War on the Republican Party, Civil Rights

John Nolte picked up on a column written by John Dickerson, in the amateur e-zine known as Slate. Dickerson calls on President Obama to use his Second Inaugural address to do what he has already been doing since his re-election, namely, to declare war on the GOP. Dickerson uses such eliminationist rhetoric as “go for the throat” to get Obama’s blood up and get going on “transforming” the country. Obama has spent just about every minute since his re-election trying to destroy the GOP. John Dickerson is a lickspittle hanger-on fanboy.

Dickerson’s column wouldn’t be all that remarkable for Slate. That site is full of leftists and pretend intellectuals. But it is remarkable for another reason. Dickerson is CBS News’ political director.

This marks twice in a week that CBS “journalists” have basically declared war on the Republican Party and on the Second Amendment. Bob Schieffer declared earlier in the week that beating the NRA should be easier than beating the Nazis. Tom Brokaw must have been jealous. He tried joining the media’s war on the NRA as well.

The Second Amendment is a civil right, enshrined in the Constitution. Its position behind the First Amendment, which CBS is using to launch its attacks, serves as a bulwark shoring up the rights of free speech, religion and assembly. It’s not something to trifle with or declare war on.

CBS News should distance itself from Dickerson and Schieffer, maybe fire them if it wants to maintain a shred of its credibility. So, of course, watch for CBS News to fire Sharyl Attkisson, the one reporter who has chased the Fast and Furious story.