White House Posts Propaganda Videos of Kids from Gun Control Photo-Op

Today, the Obama government posted little videos of the kids who appeared as props at the president’s gun control photo op Wednesday. Here’s one of them, by, appropriately enough, a girl named Julia.


Ian Schwartz has posted the others at Real Clear Politics. It’s obvious from the way the president’s speech becomes each kid’s intro that this whole thing was approached as a marketing campaign.

We’re not knocking the kids here at all. I suspect that union teachers had their classes write these letters, and that the White House chose a few from kids who just happened to be a white boy, a black boy, a Hispanic girl and a white girl. What are the odds, huh? Again, marketing. Not reality.

The kids aren’t old enough to know that they’re cynically being used by the president to push something that he has sought to do from day one of his presidency, but knows has no chance of passing the Senate let alone the House. They’re not at fault here. One boy says no one should be allowed to own “machine guns,” for instance. Obviously none of the adults around him bothered to tell him about the 1934 or 1986 bans.

But one of the conservative super PACs might take it upon themselves to counterprogram with some kids writing letters about all the debt that Obama has saddled them with. Or the job that their parents used to work out, but that got destroyed in this economy. Get creative.



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