You Think You're Having a Bad Day?

The English Premiere soccer League is the most watched sports league in the world. On Sunday, one of the league’s giants, Chelsea, took on Stoke City. Chelsea sat fourth in the rankings and tends to be one of handful of teams that are capable of winning the league in any given season. Stoke tend to be mid-table and are known for fielding big, strong players that work hard and make life difficult for finesse teams like Chelsea.


Stoke striker Jonathan Walters was playing in his 100th game for Stoke, a nice milestone for most players. In the game’s 47th minute and the score tied at zero, Walters conceded a corner kick. That kick eventually came to Walters’ head, which he used to send it into his own net. Stoke are in the red and white, Chelsea are in blue.

It was a nice header, actually, full of power and well directed. Just, in the wrong direction. The own goal gifted Chelsea the lead just before the halftime whistle.

In the 62nd minute, Walters did it again. His second own goal of the match handed Chelsea, a team full of world class players, a two goal lead. Chelsea would add two additional goals to take a four goal lead over defensive-minded Stoke. There was no way back.

At the very end of the match, Chelsea defender John Terry fouled Walters in the Chelsea penalty area. The referee called for a penalty kick and Walters stepped up to take it. Here, it seemed, was a chance to redeem himself and get back some of his team’s and his own confidence.


Here’s what happened. Pardon the French in the second clip.

He couldn’t even complete the most ludicrous hat trick in EPL history.

Whatever you may be going through, try and be of good cheer. Chances are it can always get worse.


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