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Because We All Need A Political Cause: Ferret Legalization Activism

He is taking his legalization crusade to the White House. If we’re all lucky, he’ll distract the president from his agenda for a little while.

The ferret ban, he says, “is a symptom of the disempowerment of the average person in California.”

Wright ran for Assembly and then lieutenant governor on a free-the-ferrets platform (and lost badly both times). He sued the Fish and Game Commission (and lost). He formed Ferrets Anonymous to gather political clout. He became an officer in the local Libertarian Party.

He held rallies in Sacramento and San Diego. He went to county jail for 17 terrifying days after tussling with a Fish and Game inspector who tried to seize one of his ferrets over an alleged biting incident at a rally.

Come on, who doesn’t love a good ferret-induced tussle with Johnny Law?