Social Media Outcry Spurs Obama to Release Illegal Alien

In Barack Obama’s America, an entrepreneurial American family whose hard work has built a billion-dollar company faces the jackboot of the government. But a social media outcry can and has gotten him to release a repeat lawbreaker.


PHOENIX — Immigration agents arrested the mother and brother of a prominent activist during a raid at her home here late Thursday, unleashing a vigorous response on social media and focusing new attention on one of the most controversial aspects of the Obama administration’s policies on deportation.

Phoenix, by the way, suffers mightily from the violence that an essentially open border allows.

The agents knocked on Erika Andiola’s door shortly after 9 p.m., asking for her mother, Maria Arreola.

Ms. Arreola had been stopped by the police in nearby Mesa last year and detained for driving without a license. Her fingerprints were sent to federal immigration officials as part of a controversial program called Secure Communities, which the Obama administration has been trying to expand nationwide.

Driving without a license is a class 2 misdemeanor. She was probably also driving without insurance. Ordinary citizens have a hard time getting away with either violation without a fine.

That routine check revealed that Ms. Arreola had been returned to Mexico in 1998 after she was caught trying to illegally cross the border into Arizona with Erika and two of her siblings in tow. As a result, she was placed on a priority list for deportation.

Because she is a serial scofflaw.

After being seized on Thursday, she could have been sent back to Mexico in a matter of hours, but Obama administration officials moved quickly to undo the arrests. Officials had been pressured by the robust response from advocates — through phone calls, e-mails and online petitions, but primarily on Twitter, where they mobilized support for Ms. Andiola, a well-known advocate for young illegal immigrants, under the hashtag #WeAreAndiola.


Emphasis added. That hashtag helped win for an illegal alien, what a full court press has not won for the law-abiding Green family of Oklahoma City: A government that will listen.

Sort of. Obama has already tipped his hand in these matters. The violation of our national sovereignty is one key to his political power. The breaking of all opposition to his edicts is another.

The Greens own Hobby Lobby and Mardel book stores. They currently face fines of about $14 million for defying the ObamaCare mandate that they pay for abortifacient drugs, which violates their religious consciences.

David Gregory gets away with a crime, illegal aliens get away with their crimes, an orthodox Christian pastor gets booted from the inauguration, a good family faces astounding fines for sticking to their faith…Is this the “fundamental transformation” that Barack Obama threatened to unleash in 2008?


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