Photo Caption Contest: President Obama Flies Off To Hawaii After Fiscal Cliff Is Avoided

Photo credit: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

US President Barack Obama makes his way to board Air Force One on January 1, 2013 at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. Obama is returning to Hawaii to continue his vacation which he interrupted to deal with the “fiscal cliff” crisis.


Yesterday this caption appeared on local CBS-DC under the photo that is the subject of our first 2013 Tatler Photo Caption Contest.

Don’t you just hate it when your vacation is interrupted by an emergency?

Well so does Our Beloved Leader since he is “just like us.”

But now, since Congress has built some temporary guard rails around the “fiscal cliff,” President Obama can continue his Hawaiian vacation at the cost of an extra $3 million — in addition to the $4 million already spent, bringing the total cost of his family vacation to over $7 million.

Since you are overjoyed to read how Your Leader is spending your tax dollars, we will use this occasion to rewrite the CBS-DC caption with a more creative flair.

For 2013 contests, the same 2012 rules apply that were inspired by our friend Dylan Byers of Politico, “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.”

Then, as stated in the last contest of 2012, “the need to repeat these rules every contest acts like a guard rail preventing you from falling off the creative cliff.”

As a result, I was mocked by “Scottch” one of our snarky caption contest participants who questioned my rules by commenting, Staying classy? Guardrail? What guardrail…….lol.


Well Scottch, if you don’t like the current rules, than please submit some new ones for this year.

Good luck to all who enter and you have my permission to fall off that creative cliff if you find our guard rail too confining.

Finally, because of complaints that some of you often miss the winner’s post from the previous contest, it will be repeated in the next contest.

Apparently, we read now that one of our repeat winners, “RockThisTown” has declared war with his comment:

Resolution for 2013: Dethrone cfbleachers and become King.

Watch out, for this signals future contests could get a tad nasty.



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