Tragedy at New Jersey Police Station

Fox announced today: “Three cops reportedly shot inside New Jersey police station.” What distracted me at first was the wording of their title. We often talk about how mass murders never happen at police stations, because these cowards look for soft targets like schools and other “gun free” zones. Did some dingleberry finally try a crazy stunt?


No, as Fox Philly reports, even though they also ran a potentially misleading title: “3 Officers Shot At Police Station, Suspect Killed, Officials Say.” Gloucester Township Police had brought a suspect to the station for processing on a domestic violence charge. He “got into as [sic] violent struggle with officers at the station” and was able to “obtain a firearm.” He shot one officer in the gut and inflicted “very minor” wounds on two others, before being shot to death by defensive fire.

So yes, a model citizen (thank you, Andy Sipowicz) tried shooting up a police station. But no, he didn’t introduce the firearm.

When I interviewed about reserve police, the detective said “complacency kills.” Did the officers get complacent, thinking they were in the station and nobody in his right mind would try something? Can somebody who commits domestic violence be considered in their right mind?

Gun banners say because we now live in modern, civil society, we should disarm and let the police handle all criminal issues, including violent attacks on private citizens. What does this incident say about the veracity of their claim? And who in their right mind thinks we’re civilized? Of course, to be a gun banner you must reject reality early and often.


But those same gun banners, devoted to mythological buzz-phrases and catchy sound bites, may only read the title and say: “See, those NRA goons are idiots! Cops didn’t stop this shooter from attacking a police station.” Thought this conveniently ignores how cops stopped the shooter before anybody was killed. (Did I say gun banners like to ignore reality?)

But that leaves one relevant question: If we put cops in schools, will somebody will take away their guns and start shooting? Or does this indicate there needs to be more than one armed, trained defender per school?

Weigh in below.


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