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Christmas Under Siege

Some people have had enough of “Ho-ho-ho!” We all know that Old Saint Nick has been under assault by aggressive secularists – and not just by those atheist Uncle Scrooges in Santa Monica. Ruthie Blum writes of this on Xmas day from the perspective of an American Israeli:


Today, so many decades later, Christmas is under assault, even in America, of all places. Who could have predicted that it would become a symbol of “offense” to those who do not celebrate it? Who could have understood that the fall of the shah of Iran and the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 would be the turning point for Christians the world over?

As Jews, we always knew what that was like, though we didn’t expect that the worst anti-Semitism was going to arise from the marriage of radical Islam to the Left (a subject on which Andrew C. McCarthy wrote a chilling book).

But Christians?

Egg nogs first, perhaps, but read the whole thing on Israel Hayom.

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