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World Still Here, But Obama Isn't

Admit it. You were justa teensy weensy concerned that all the experts were wrong and the world was going to end yesterday. It’s ok to breathe a sigh of relief — even though it would have been nice if certain parts of the world ended to spare us this kind of maudlin sentimentality:


Thousands of mystics, hippies and tourists celebrated in the shadow of ancient Maya pyramids in southeastern Mexico on Friday as the Earth survived a day billed by doomsday theorists as the end of the world.

New Age dreamers, alternative lifestyle gurus and curious onlookers from around the world descended on the ruins of Maya cities to mark the close of the 13th bak’tun – a period of around 400 years – in the Maya Long Calendar.

Dismissing a widely disseminated myth that the Maya had predicted some kind of apocalypse on December 21, 2012, they celebrated what they hope is the start of a new and better era for humanity.

After the sun rose in Mexico and the world continued to spin, the visitors to the Maya heartland gave thanks.

“I just feel love for everybody and I just feel reverent,” said Stacey Gill, a 27-year-old radio show assistant from North Carolina dressed all in white. “I feel completely at peace and in stillness. Today I feel it in full force.”

Maybe just a mini-apocalypse to take care of that part of humanity that pollutes the gene pool with their idiotic nonsense?


I thought for sure Obama would try to find a way to take credit for saving the planet from destruction. After all, it’s not a big leap from commanding the seas to recede and healing the earth to saving us all from the Mayan apocalypse.

No matter. The hippies may be celebrating our deliverance, but President Obama is celebrating the coming fall off the fiscal cliff by going on vacation in Hawaii:

Air Force One touched down in Honolulu minutes after midnight local time on Saturday. The first family departed the plane and traveled quickly to their vacation house in the beach town of Kailua, a scenic, sleepy beach town on the east side of Oahu.

Kailua is roughly 12 miles from downtown Honolulu. Obama’s vacation house sits near a Marine base, on the north end of a five-mile stretch of beach popular among windsurfers and paddle surfers.

As the president and his family departed Air Force One, Obama had shed the jacket he was wearing when he left Washington and was in a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The first family left Washington on Friday night.

White House officials say the president’s vacation itinerary doesn’t include any scheduled public events.

No return date has been given by the White House. Obama himself said earlier Friday that, since a deal hasn’t been reached to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff,” he would be returning to Washington after Christmas.


Pretty hard for Boehner to negotiate with a disembodied voice over the telephone from 4,000 miles away — if he had anything new to offer. Obama, supremely confident that he has the speaker and the GOP right where he wants them, doesn’t need to make the next move and will probably bask in the sun and rub elbows with the rich and famous until after the New Year. By then, the U.S. will have plunged off the edge of the cliff with still undetermined consequences.

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