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Ban the Second Amendment? Sure, If You Love Violence

Rick Moran writes that we should ban the Second Amendment if we truly want gun control.

The only real solution is to repeal the Second Amendment, make most guns illegal, and give anyone who commits a crime with a gun a life sentence if convicted. Banning the sale, distribution, and ownership of handguns, assault weapons, large clip handguns, etc. plus locking away the criminal element that uses guns would put a big dent in violent crime — maybe.

As a former civilian disarmament supporter, I know Rick is right on one point: “Gun control” is a façade, a scam; the true goal is civilian disarmament. Let’s all stop kidding ourselves on that point.

Let’s assume Rick’s talking somewhat tongue in cheek on this, because here’s the facts. Australia and Britain banned guns in 1997. Violent crime skyrocketed over the next 10 years. The leading crime category was rape of women. Meanwhile, rape has been declining here in America, where a law-abiding woman can buy a handgun in order to participate in her civil right of self-defense. British women get raped twice as often, and Australian women thrice as often, as American women. I document this all in my book 400 Years of Gun Control.

So what gun banners want is to sacrifice women for the sake of feeling good that we did something about “gun violence.” Curious that those most stridently promoting civilian disarmament usually pretend that they care about women’s rights.

But over 10 years later, getting a gun on the streets of London is easier than ever.

And of course, the government that controls both the purse and the sword also controls the crime data they release. Gun crime is much higher that the UK government wants us to believe.

And there’s nothing to stop murderers from killing, gun or no. Britain’s murder rate hasn’t declined after all.

But don’t worry, there’s still one way government can pretend crime is down: close police stations. If there’s no cop around for victims to file a report, that crime effectively never happened.

So there they are, over 10 years later, and people are still killing, raping, assaulting. And decent people have no way to stop them. Of course, the government wonks will always have their own protection. So in the end, banning guns leads us back to feudalism: the few elites control the arms, resources, and political power; the rest of humanity living in fear for their lives from both the criminals on the streets and those running the country.

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