Egypt Jails Blogger for Blasphemy

Meet the new Egypt, which has a constitution forbidding blasphemy while also guaranteeing the freedom of expression. Guess which of those wins in a cage match with Islamist referees.


Alber Saber was arrested in September after neighbours accused him of posting links to a film mocking Islam that led to protests across the Muslim world.

Mr Saber, an atheist from a Coptic Christian family, can appeal against the ruling if he pays $167 (£100) bail.

The case raises concerns over freedom of expression just as Egyptians are set to vote on a draft constitution.

Liberals, secularists and the Coptic Church have complained that the document fails to protect basic rights, and that the constituent assembly which approved the charter last month was dominated by Islamists.

Saber is from a Coptic Christian family but is an atheist. That’s two strike against him in the Muslim Boys’ Egypt.

Meanwhile, Nakoula Nakoula remains in US jail on parole violations. He made the film, in the US, that Saber is accused of linking to.


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