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Why Conservatives are Worried: There's No One to Stop Obama

I just about spit out my coffer listening to Art Laffer the other day.  He forecast a big GOP win in the 2014 midterms. He cited past elections as his metric. What a buffoon. How can someone with such intelligence on economics read politics and the reality on the ground so wrong? Obama was just re-elected with the worst economy since the Great Depression, a world in chaos, and debt and deficits as far as the eye can see. The fact is, Obama is different. He’s Teflon.  Nothing sticks to him.  Granted he has a corrupt press to carry his water.  But still this cat is different.  Mr. Obama isn’t interested in doing work for a living. His previous experience was as a community organizer. Hell, we don’t even know what kind of student he was because the most transparent president in our history won’t tell us. He’s a 100% partisan, who is happy partying with America-hating Psy, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, discussing policy with Leno and campaigning instead of working. Example? He’s conducting campaign-style rallies instead of negotiating with Republicans on the fiscal cliff. Why? Because he’s not interested in compromise.  America saw our first Hollywood president, who’s wrecked the U.S. economy and re-elected him.  It should be glowingly apparent, to anyone paying attention, that the old rules don’t apply here.  Someone really should tell the Republicans.  Because they’re just sitting in Washington, “waiting” for Obama to grow up.  Newsflash, Republicans will be waiting awhile.

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell or any other high profile Republican should get booked on some TV shows.  They ought to sit down with Leno, Letterman, the ladies of The View, or Ellen.  They should bypass the press that, ignorantly or intentionally, focuses on raising taxes instead of tackling the real causes of America’s problems.  I can see it now.  John Boehner sitting across the desk from Leno, “I’m glad to be here Jay.  Look, I wanted to get the message out to the people about what we’re proposing.  I’d like to sit and talk with President Obama.  But you, Jay, have had more face time with the president than I have lately.  So maybe you can get him a message.”  Then Boehner would inform Jay that he brought some clips to share.  These clips would be of our esteemed president echoing Republicans sentiments that it’s possible to raise revenue without raising taxes.   Another clip would show President Obama blasting president Bush as being “unpatriotic” and “irresponsible” for massive deficit spending.  And lastly, a clip that shows Obama proclaiming that raising taxes in a poor economy is a bad idea.   But this fantasy of mine would need a creative, dynamic, and energized Republican party.  That party doesn’t exist anymore.

President Obama has been referred to as “The Amateur.”  Well, Republicans just got their clocks cleaned by this amateur, un-serious, destructive, extreme left-wing president.  What does that say about the current crop of Republicans in leadership?    When will Republicans give up this fantasy that Obama is at all interested in what’s good for America?  When will Republicans realize that Obama is more interested in righting some perceived past injustice that America has committed? The Republican leadership delude themselves in regarding Obama as a traditional Democrat president.  They assign traditional norms and axioms to Obama that applied to past presidents who actually did have, in varying measures, America’s best interests at heart.  I’ve seen no evidence that Obama is labored under those restrictions. His speeches, mentors and polices indicate a man who finds America, as founded, offensive.  He has a loyal circle of people bound and determined to make sure America pays in one manner or another. The problem is shell-shocked  Republicans still think he’s a “good man” who gives a damn about his legacy.  Obama knows his legacy, if he succeeds in his mission, will not be written by America.   America’s adversaries will write Obama’s legacy.  He’s counting on it.  They will praise him. He loves that you know?  They will praise him as the man who brought down our once great nation from within. That’s the plan our aimless Republican friends refuse to acknowledge, and are apparently incapable of stopping.  Is it any wonder conservatives fear for America’s future.