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Why You Can't Just Mind Your Own Business

It’s tempting after the events of November 6 to just check out of the world, mind your own business and hope for the best. Some even think that those of us on the right will win more elections, or at least turn off fewer of our critics, if we just mind our own business.

Unfortunately, if you just mind your own business, you’re likely to wake up one day in a very different country from the one from which you checked out.

A few cases in point.

NBC broadcaster Bob Costas pollutes an NFL football game with rant designed to guilt Americans into giving up their fundamental right of self defense. You can’t even mind your own business when you’re watching football anymore.

High school principal in Mesa, AZ forces boys to hold hands as punishment for fighting. You can’t mind your own business when you send your kids to school.

San Antonio school forces students to wear RFID tracking devices. Same as above — you can’t just mind your own business when you send your kids to school.

Business owners are now being forced to subsidize other people’s lifestyle choices whether it makes any economic sense or not, and whether they might have a conscience objection to the choices being subsidized or not. You can’t just mind your own business when you’re in fact minding your own actual business.

Atheists wage war on Christmas and wage lawfare against monuments that include any Christian imagery every year. You can’t just mind your own business even when you’re honoring those who gave their lives to defend your right to mind your own business.

Want to raise your kids to respect other people, or wait until marriage for sex, or avoid generally debauched and irresponsible behavior? Well, then you’d be advised to avoid pretty much all prime-time network programming, because those shows are present and laud values that are contrary the ways you hope your children live. You can’t mind your own business as long as the TV is on in your house, because chances are it’s beaming in content that just a few years ago would have earned R ratings in movie theaters.

If you just mind your own business and don’t try to have some effect on the culture around you, here’s some of what may happen. You will be taxed to death and your government will use your money to buy the votes of people who disagree with you and want more of what you have earned; you may be forced to join a labor union (I’m not exaggerating, Barack Obama has been plotting with Big Labor to boost union membership whether American workers want it or not, and the majority of states are still not right-to-work states); you may lose your right of self defense; your vote may be canceled out by any of several varieties of fraud; your property can be seized by the government for one purpose or another via eminent domain; your freedom of speech may be curtailed to satisfy some liberal’s notion of what’s acceptable and what isn’t (as has already happened in Canada, and which was strongly signaled in the Obama government’s blaming a terrorist attack on a YouTube movie before jailing the man who made the movie); your church or synagogue may be forced into going along with whatever scheme the left has dreamed up today in the name of “social justice” or close its doors; and you may lose the right to raise your children in accordance with your values and beliefs.

These are all real possibilities, if you just mind your own business.

If you want to lose the next generation and lose America forever, all you need to do is just mind your own business.