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Winner of The Most Outrageous and Disgusting Photo Caption Contest Ever

Your contest submissions lived up to my high expectations when I asked you all to “go for it” in reaction to this truly disgusting image of what is supposed to be “art.”

Be sure to read all the clever contest entries by our talented readers. It was a tough decision, but here are the winners.

His crown, our thorns.  Submitted by Pricked

“This is the picture that caused riots in all the Christian countries and that caused the attack to the American Embassy in Paris where the American Ambassador was murdered. President Obama, in his speech at the United Nations, apologized to the Christians worldwide and we have now been informed that the author of the image has been arrested for violations of the building codes of the area where he built his house.” Submitted by Sherab Zangpo

 “Feed a man a fish, and you have fed him a day. Put him on disability and you can get him off the U6 unemployment statistic for life!”

“Behold, I fed the multitudes, with platitudes.” Both Submitted by Scottch

“I didn’t paint this. It took a sycophantic national main stream media to build this image of me out of a lowly community organizer/sometime law school lecturer who smoked a lot of weed during his ‘missing years’. It took a corrupt and perverse culture to produce a painter so lacking in any relevant insight into man and man’s relationship to God to be able to produce this and call it art. And it took an artistic establishment with its collective head so firmly embedded in its collective ass to accord this any prominent attention whatsoever.” Submitted by FunJohnny

And on the third day he rose…taxes — then again on the fourth; and fifth; and sixth.. Submitted by Chris Henderson

The Grand Prize Winners are: (and as a student of the Bible, these captions really capture the message of this worthless piece of doggie poop called “art”)

He lied for our spins.  Submitted by cfbleachers  (How do you manage to win week after week?)

“For Barack so Loved Himself, That He Gave us Eight Years of Time” Submitted by Anonymous

Thanks to all who entered and see you next time a photo or piece of “art” is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest!