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This is a Job For Our Crack Intelligence Agencies!

Speaker John Boehner is tweaked that his late-night phone call with President Obama got leaked to Politico.

Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio and Republican leaders are fuming after a late night phone call with President Barack Obama was leaked to the press, despite an agreement that it would not be, according to several GOP aides.

Republicans believe the administration leaked details of the 30-minute Wednesday night phone call to Politico, which is causing them to question whether they can trust the White House to keep details private, a sentiment that has caused progress in the negotiations over the “fiscal cliff” to stall.

White House aides, however, denied that the leak came from the administration.

Get the Director of National Intelligence on the phone, stat! He thinks the Muslim Brotherhood is secular and can’t find a talking-point editor in Washington. Surely he can fail to find out who leaked a two-sided phone call.

Oh, and by the way, of course the Republicans can’t trust Obama. If they’re just now figuring this out, they’re wearing the “Stupid Party” title out.