Plagiarist Fareed Zakaria Available to Speak for $85,000

The speakers bureau Royce Carlton sent out an email today offering the plagiarist Fareed Zakaria to speak about energy issues.  After all, Zakaria is a fracking expert – and what he doesn’t know, he can just make up (or plagiarize).


I spoke with Robert S. Levinson, Account Executive at Royce Carlton.  He told me that Zakaria’s price to speak about energy is $85,000Eighty five large, from an admitted dishonest plagiarist.

Yesterday I spoke at Roger Williams School of Law (for significantly less than $85,000, and I wrote my own speech!).  A panelist mentioned Zakaria, and people in the audience started to laugh.  Yes, Zakaria has become a laugh line.  And so has CNN for continuing to put the plagiarist on the air. 

Royce Carlton probably doesn’t know that their $85,000 speaker is a punch line, a punch line about liars.  They will tut-tut from their Manhattan offices that Zakaria is “so smart” and can share his global views on fracking and renewables, and other such blah blah blah.

On the flight home yesterday from Rhode Island was a hard working flight attendant.  She told one passenger than in her previous three jobs, all worked at once, she made $12,000 a year.  She became a flight attendant to make just a bit more, but the work was more enjoyable. 


Think about it, we have people who are admitted plagiarists like Fareed Zakaria who make $85,000 for a 40 minute speech about something he knows next to nothing about.  Many elites reading this will sit there thinking, “sour grapes,” or “why not?” or feel tingles about how sophisticated and insightful Zakaria is.  Meanwhile most of America, used to playing by the rules, bust their tails year round while phonies like Zakaria enrich themselves with no shame.


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