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Obama Supports Harry Reid's Drive to Kill the Filibuster

Of course he does. He supports any effort to end any impediment to his power.

“The President has said many times that the American people are demanding action,” White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer said in a statement to The Huffington Post. “They want to see progress, not partisan delay games. That hasn’t changed, and the President supports Senator Reid’s efforts to reform the filibuster process.”

“Over the past few years important pieces of legislation like the DREAM Act, the Paycheck Fairness Act, and the American Jobs Act weren’t even allowed to be debated, and judicial nominations and key members of the administration are routinely forced to wait months for an up-or-down vote,” Pfeiffer added. “The American people deserve a United States Senate that puts them first, instead of partisan delay.”

This endorsement of Reid’s effort to reform the filibuster is the firmest White House statement to date on the matter.

The American people aren’t demanding any such action. A bare majority of the voters re-elected Obama with little idea of what he plans, because he didn’t detail his plans. But Republicans retain control of the House and a majority of the governorships. Republicans might have captured the Senate, if not for a few numbskulls. A tweak here and there and Romney might have defeated Obama. Neither party has a mandate to do much of anything. If the American people did anything on Nov. 6, they endorsed gridlock with a celebrity atop the mess. And even that might be a stretch. Honestly, Nov. 6 was among the most incoherent elections I can recall.

Saying that the “American people are demanding action” sounds nice, but the line is really just a weapon of mass deception.