As the war in Gaza heats up, so too do the anti-Israel protests in the U.S.

Every outbreak of hostilities in Israel and the Palestinian Territories is accompanied by a parallel protest outbreak in the U.S., as supporters of the Palestinian position and the Israeli position face off wherever there is an Israeli consulate or a large Arab-American population (primarily in California, New York and Michigan).


The latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict is no exception. Last night, San Francisco (, New York ( and Los Angeles ( all saw protests in front of Israeli consulates, although none of them received much if any media coverage.

Luckily, PJMedia contributor Ringo swung by the L.A. protest just as it was wrapping up, and took this video of a Palestinian supporter spitting at the feet of the five pro-Israel supporters on hand, after a passing Palestinian man called the Israelis “Nazis”:

Here’s the spitter, second from the right in the green hijab, smiling with her friends earlier in the protest:

For the last 10 or 15 years, the script for these Near East conflicts and attendant American protests is always the same: Palestinian militants launch mortars, rockets or suicide attacks at Israel; Israel eventually gets fed up and launches a punitive raid to find and root out the attackers; the media (and leftist activists) ignore the original Palestinian violence which precipitated the raid, and dub the incident “unprovoked Israeli aggression”; protesters show up at consulates in major cities around the world and condemn the Israelis but not the Palestinians; everybody accuses everybody else of being a Nazi and a terrorist and a war criminal; the Israelis kill some of the attackers, then withdraw, and everything settles back down to “normal” (i.e. a tense existential standoff).


There is an additional protest scheduled for today in San Francisco, but at the moment it’s pouring rain, so I’ll likely skip it. If any readers have links to coverage of protests in other cities, post them in the comments and I’ll try to keep this post updated with the latest on the “homefront” war.

All photos and video in this post courtesy of Ringo of Ringo’s Pictures.


ACT! for America Houston has photos from the anti-Israel protest outside Houston’s Galleria mall.

– NBC Chicago reports “Hundreds Take Part in Anti-Israeli Protest” outside Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters.

– KSDK covered a small protest in St. Louis.



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