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I Owe You for the Presidential Election? Get in Line

Seton Motley | PJ Tatler

The New Normal

A Leftist friend just wrote me to gloat about the Presidential election – saying I owe him beer. (I don’t – I lost a beer bet to him on the 1996 Presidential election.)

Behold my response:


I definitely owe the Chinese and others at least another $6 trillion four years hence.

And I owe a bunch of money to about 20 million illegal aliens now ensconced in ObamaCare coverage. And more for their welfare checks. And more for the English-As-a-Second-Language government educations.

I owe even more for citizens who refuse to take responsibility for their lives, and instead voted for a man who promised to “spread the wealth around.” I owe for their waste-of-time-and-money “Women Studies,” “English,” Liberal Arts college educations. I owe for their abortion pills, birth control pills, and condoms. I owe for their Obama Phones, their food stamps and their Social Security disability checks.

I owe them my health coverage getting much more expensive and demonstrably worse so that theirs can be “free.”

I owe them my work and my money getting scarcer, because it must be regulated and taxed away to create their Dystopia Utopia.

I owe a lot of people. It’s a long line – you can get in it.

It’ll look a lot like the line for health care. Or the line for welfare. Or the line for food stamps. Or the line for the post office. Or the line for the DMV.

The government’s already out of money, so their lines don’t move so well.

I soon will be, so mine won’t either.

But congratulations – your guy won the election.