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In Vowing to 'Put Politics Aside,' Reid Accuses GOP of Wanting to Protect Trump's Wallet

In a sign that bipartisan negotiations might not start off on the most congenial foot, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) accused Republicans today of trying to spare Donald Trump from tax hikes.

“On Tuesday, Americans from across the political spectrum made it clear that they want a balanced approach to tax policy that asks millionaires and billionaires to pay a little bit more. The sooner Republicans come to grips with this reality, the sooner we can forge an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff and prevent a tax hike on middle class Americans,” Reid said in a statement an hour ago, after President Obama announced he’d have congressional leaders at the White House next week for fiscal cliff talks.

“The Senate passed a bill to cut taxes for Americans making less than $250,000, and the House should pass it immediately. Our bill cuts taxes for small businesses,” he continued. “When Republicans talk about small businesses, they are really trying to protect millionaires like Donald Trump.”

Then he added, “It is time for us to put politics aside and give the American people the balanced approach they are demanding. I am optimistic that we can meet this challenge before the end of the year.”

Yesterday, Senate Democrats released a list of stories and soundbites they said proves Americans want to raise taxes on the wealthy.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), though, said he wants to see Obama’s compromise plan in the form of a bill, as “speeches and talking points do not solve problems.”

“As Speaker Boehner has said, House Republicans were not reelected to raise taxes. Higher taxes will hurt our economy, making it harder to defeat the debt,” Jordan said. “Pro-growth tax reform and entitlement reform are what America needs.”

Trump, meanwhile, tweeted his faith in the speaker.

“I got to know @johnboehner very well—he is a great guy who will do the right thing for the country!” Trump tweeted.

Yesterday, The Donald was tweeting things such as: “Romney campaign used me in 6 primary states and won every one- they should have used me in Florida and Ohio & he would be President.”

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