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Today's Liberal Meme: Banghazi Wasn't So Bad, Embassies Were Attacked Under Bush

By God, I’m going to use the sheep again.

Here’s a response to a friend — albeit liberal, still a friend — who raised this to me on Facebook. His name removed because I already hit him with it once.

I’m not in the mood to actually point out in detail the difference between being left hanging on the phone in a seven hour firefight while you wait in an unfortified, unprotected building, being defended by two ex-Seals with a machine gun, and wondering if you’re going to die, while the President goes to bed so he won’t be tired at his fundraiser in Vegas and doesn’t order in any help, and being in a well-defended up-to-spec compound in which someone makes a suicide attack that is unable to really get to the occupants. So don’t start it, or I’ll have to point out that it’s the stupidest equivalence made in the last 20 years of political discourse, that completely ignores the terror, pain and suffering of the people on site and the families who have had to take seven weeks of dissimulation, not to mention the poor guy who still rots in jail because it was convenient to blame it on a video when open intelligence before the fact was pointing to attacks on 9/11/12, and who is probably a dead man if he is released because it was convenient to Obama’s campaign to blame some poor clown with a videocamera to avoid admitting anything.

So, given that, maybe it would be better if you don’t bring it up.